19th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2021, Geneva

Climate, Resources and Environment: conflicts, synergies & compromises


13:30 - 18:00

Lieu de l'événement


Lieu de rendez-vous

The plenary session on Friday will be held at the Campus Biotech
The symposia on Friday will be held at UniMail

The Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva and the Platform Geosciences of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) cordially invite you to participate in the 19th Swiss Geoscience Meeting to be held on Friday, 19 November and Saturday, 20 November, 2021 in Geneva.

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On Friday, 19 November: A series of Invited keynote lectures will be held on this year’s Plenary Session topic: “Climate, Resources and Environment: conflicts, synergies & compromises”.

On Saturday, 20 November: 23 scientific symposia will cover the diverse spectrum of current research in geosciences, encompassing the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the cryosphere, the biosphere, the atmosphere and the anthroposphere.

The SGM also provides the ideal environment to foster informal contacts and discussion among scientists, in particular during the Swiss Geoscience Party on Friday evening but also at the poster sessions on Saturday. Time is reserved for two poster sessions, at which the authors will be present for active discussion and feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you in Geneva!
The SGM 2021 Organizing Committee

Le Jet d'eau et la rade de Genève.
Le Jet d'eau et la rade de Genève.Image : Pierre Dèzes


  • Anthropocène
  • Climatologie, physique de l'atmosphère, aéronomie
  • Cryosphère
  • Cycle de l'eau
  • Cycle hydrogéochimique
  • Cycles biochimiques
  • Eaux souterraines
  • Géo-informatique
  • Géochimie
  • Géochronologie
  • Géodésie
  • Géographie
  • Géographie humaine et économique, écologie humaine
  • Géologie
  • Géomorphologie
  • Géophysique
  • Géosciences
  • Géosphère
  • Géotechnique
  • Géothermie
  • Hydrogéologie
  • Hydrologie, limnologie, glaciologie
  • Limnologie
  • Lithosphère
  • Paléontologie (sc. terre)
  • Stratigraphie
  • Sédiment
  • Tectonique
  • Terre

Soumission d'un abstract

Registration must be made electronically following the instructions on the SGM2021 website.
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