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CH-QUAT represents a connection point for scientists from different research and applied areas that deal with the Quaternary in particular examining the aspects of human, environment and climate.more

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Support for Young Researchers

Support for Young Researchers and Bachelor / Master Students

CH-QUAT provides financial support for fieldwork, research trips, conferences, and course expenses for young researchers. BSc and MSc students, as well as doctoral students and early postdocs (up to 5 years after obtaining their doctorate) without existing research budgets, can apply for support. Contributions of up to a maximum of CHF 500 will be awarded as long as funds are available.

Conditions for support:

  • A thematic connection to Quaternary research
  • Membership in CH-QUAT and a professional connection to the Swiss Quaternary community
  • A poster contribution at the subsequent Swiss Geoscience Meeting and/or CH-QUAT Annual Meeting is mandatory
  • We intend to present the supported research on the CH-QUAT website and expect a brief description of the purpose of the support for the ongoing research, illustrated with a few pictures. However, unpublished data should not be disclosed.
  • Members applying for the first time will be given priority.

Please contact to apply for such support.

For the application, we require the following information:

  • Information about the planned event (date, location, further details)
  • Title/Abstract for research trips, conferences, and courses, as well as details about the expenses for participation
  • For fieldwork, the tentative title of the thesis and name of the supervisor, estimated field costs (we only reimburse prepaid expenses, up to a maximum of 500 CHF)
  • Information about the planned event's progress/relevance of the support request to your research work

Information for reimbursement (after the event):

Before the support can be transferred, a short report must be submitted to CH-QUAT, addressed to .

Please send a cost breakdown with original receipts and information about the bank account (SWIFT, IBAN) to the following address: Dipl. R. Löpfe, Eggerstandenstrasse 60, 9050 Appenzell, Switzerland. Only expenses documented with original receipts will be reimbursed.