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CH-QUAT represents a connection point for scientists from different research and applied areas that deal with the Quaternary in particular examining the aspects of human, environment and climate.more

Image: NASA Earth Observatory, Jesse Allen and Robert Simmonmore

CH-QUAT Meeting 2018


08:30 - 16:00


Institut für Geologie, Universität Bern
Baltzerstrasse 3, 3012 Bern

Natural hazards in the Alps

CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: Posters
Image: Christine Pümpin

The overarching topic of this year's annual meeting was 'Natural hazards in the Alps'. There were invited talks about natural hazards such as floods, rock falls and debris flows, earthquakes and tsunamis, snow avalanches, and early anthropogenic impact on the landscape and the environment. In addition, there was an educational talk about how to communicate geological topics to the public.

Furthermore, we warmly welcomed poster contributions to any topic related to the Quaternary. This was especially for students (BSc/MSc/PhD) a great opportunity to present their ongoing work.

  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2018: Poster session
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2018: Lunch
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2018: The buffet
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2018: Poster sessionImage: Christine Pümpin1/3
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2018: Lunch2/3
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2018: The buffet3/3


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