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CH-QUAT represents a connection point for scientists from different research and applied areas that deal with the Quaternary in particular examining the aspects of human, environment and climate.more

Image: NASA Earth Observatory, Jesse Allen and Robert Simmonmore

CH-QUAT Meeting 2017


08:30 - 17:00


Faculté des Sciences, Université de Neuchâtel
UniMail,Auditoire F200, Rue Emile-Argand 11, CH-2000 Neuchâtel

Meeting place

Saturday April 1, 2017, 08:30 – 17:00
Auditoire F200, Faculté des Sciences, Université de Neuchâtel
UniMail, Rue Emile-Argand 11, CH-2000 Neuchâtel

Quaternary topics in the Jura Mountains and the Seeland region

CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: Posters
Image: Christine Pümpin

The aim of the meeting was to bring people together working in the Quaternary and to offer a platform for exchange and discussion. This year's invited talks presented the manifold aspects of the Quaternary in the region of the Jura Mountains and the Seeland – glacial geology, Quaternary-karst interactions, archeology, hydrogeology.

  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: Coffee break
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: UniMail
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: General Assembly
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: Coffee breakImage: Christine Pümpin1/3
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: UniMailImage: Christine Pümpin2/3
  • CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: General AssemblyImage: Christine Pümpin3/3


  • Archaeology
  • Climate archives
  • Hydrogeology
  • Karst
  • Quaternary
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